Floral Birth Month Charms

Wear your personal birth month flower, wear one to represent someone close to your heart, pick a flower based on the meaning that resonates with you or just wear one that you love. Stack them up, layer them or be simple and wear a single.

Additional flower charms and gemstone dangles can be purchased to add on, search for the following listings:

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SNOWDROP (January) - admiration // purity // rebirth
IRIS (February)- valor // wisdom // trust
DAFFODIL (March) - renewal // inspiration // prosperity 
DAISY (April) - bliss // innocence // simplicity
HAWTHORNE (May) - joy // hope // protection
ROSE - (June) beauty // courage // passion
WATER LILY (July) - balance // positivity // unity
POPPY (August) - imagination // remembrance // strength
MORNING GLORY (September) - affection // elegance // patience
COSMO (October) - creativity // harmony // tranquility
CHRYSANTHEMUM (November) - honor // abundance // optimism
HOLLY (December) - foresight // luck // truth

Original flower artwork was done by Amelia Wilson a friend and an extremely talented Rhode Island Artist.
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